The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew started a "Big Lies of Mitt Romney" feature, pointed out Joe Scarborough's delayed acknowledgement that Andrew was right about the birth control debate, (unfavorably) compared Romney's polling to John Kerry's, and connected Romney's polling slump to the contraception contretemps. We saw the establishment line up behind Mitt, heard Santorum's bankruptcy plea, examined the GOP's viability with independents, and discovered that Republican support among both female and single voters was in jeopardy. We geared up for Super Tuesday (delegate count explained here), Romney seemed poised to win big enough, and Mitt met Mr. Burns.

Andrew also weighed in on the Koch hostile takeover at Cato and kept an eye on the AIPAC conference and prospects for war with Iran – here, here, here, here, and here. Putin blatantly stole Russia's election and Saudi women were banned from Olympic competition. We broke down Dittohead demographics as GOP leaders became suddenly mealy-mouthed, continued the food stamps and soda debate, wondered if abortion could be merciful, and aired a dissent on posthumous baptism. TV joined the Internet age, big corporations loomed, people of the future looked likely to lie to their iPhones, food sensors told you if your dish had gone bad, jeans were amazing technology, and a reporter exposed the sordid reality of online shopping. People remembered faces well but not so much names, Faulkner eulogized Camus, whaling economics were a hot topic, and mixing up routines generated creative results. Marriage depended on monogamy, the art trade was rigged, jury duty was often worthwhile, and the Chevy Volt failed to meet high expectations. Cool Ad Watch here, Malkin Nominee here, AAA here, Quote for the Day here, Hewitt Nominee here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here

– Z.B.