Does It Matter That Ron Paul Hasn’t Won A State?

While the campaign can "boast only second-place finishes in New Hampshire, Maine, and Minnesota," Paul is still quietly racking up delegates. John Avlon revisits the long game: 

Super Tuesday totals could begin a shift from the Paul campaign’s caucus strategy to a delegate strategy. It’s the day when Paul could start to adjust the narrative just a bit by creeping ahead of Newt Gingrich in total delegates. Right now, Gingrich is one delegate ahead of Paul in the totals—39 to 38. Mitt Romney’s organization, by comparison, has earned 182 delegates to date. While Rick Santorum and Gingrich have some overlapping support from conservative populists looking for a red-meat alternative to Romney, Paul has the libertarian side of the conservative coalition all to himself. 

Robert O'Brien guesses that Paul could win North Dakota and Alaska.