Ad War Update: The Obama Narrative

The Obama campaign previews Davis Guggenheim's 17-minute "long-form" ad, which asks voters to "remember what we as a country have been through" and highlights the achievements of the president's first term: 

David Graham has more

It's an advertisement, even if it takes the form of a narrative about Obama's accomplishments during his first term: the familiar litany of saving carmakers, killing Bin Laden, inheriting a catastrophically broken economy, and more. (I'm old enough to remember when trailers were advertisements, rather that advertisements for advertisements.) Still The Road We've Traveled has many of the hallmarks of Guggenheim's award-winning documentary films, which include An Inconvenient Truth and Waiting for Superman: a sweeping social aim at the center, a star-studded cast (this one features Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, David Axelrod, and Rahm Emanuel, with narration by Tom Hanks), dramatic music. The full film is being released at campaign events next week.

Greg Sargent claims that this framing will define the general election:

If Americans cast their vote as a referendum on the conditions of the economy on Election Day 2012 — on "the day’s headlines" — Obama could be denied a second term. But if the Obama team can persuade them to take a longer view — to relive the horrific economic carnage that reigned in the wake of the meltdown, to understand how difficult and dangerous an operation it was to pull the country out of its nose dive, and to appreciate that his policies have put us on track to better days ahead — then he is likely to be reelected.

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