It May Get Worse


This cartoon just ran in the New Tribune in Rome, Georgia. Update:

John Bailey of the Rome News-Tribune emailed (and commented below) to clarify that the cartoon was not published in their paper — "Our editorial department killed it," he explained — but was published elsewhere. The RNT does frequently print Rome resident Mike Lester's work.

Zandar at Angry Black Lady Chronicles vents:

You’ve got the African-American President is a 70's pimp angle, the Sandra Fluke is a whore angle, the "evil light-skinned brother" angle, the white girl subservient to the black man angle, a complete misrepresentation of Ms. Fluke’s statements to boot and it’s all rolled up into one big insulting awful package of pure hatred for black people, women, and human beings with working souls. It's actually impressive, in the same way ebola-tipped bullets fired into crowds of baby sloths is impressive: just overwhelmingly, unremittingly awful on multiple levels.

My concern about the November election is that with unaccountable Super PACS run by billionaires, a recovering economy, a Republican candidate who once agreed with Obama on universal healthcare and has no credible economic strategy at this point, will combine to create on the most negative campaigns since … well the current primary.

If McCain refused to play the race card, against Palin's wishes, Romney's surrogates will not be so squeamish. (The sad Breitbart video is an opening shot across the bows.) And this may also extend to the Super PAC left. Romney's Mormonism is an easy target – too easy not to exploit by somebody with enough money. I suspect we're all going to have to take multiple showers once this is over.