Obama’s Pyrrhic Victory On Iran

Rob Malley worries that Obama won the battle with Bibi, but lost the war:

For now at least, most commentators in the United States and in Israel have handed this round to Obama. He had two overriding objectives: to deflect Israeli pressure to conduct, or acquiesce in, a premature war; and to neutralize Republican criticism that he is too soft on Iran and too hard on Israel. On those fronts, one might say, mission accomplished. But victory came at a price … More clearly than previously, he recognized Israel's right to its own decisions; Netanyahu took the bait — or rather, grabbed it with enthusiasm, turning a banal acknowledgment of reality into an implicit license for Israel to unilaterally initiate action that will have broad and possibly dire consequences for all.

And Obama has all but committed himself to war – which means ground troops – if Iran does not change course. Previous thoughts along similar lines here.