The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew read the above cartoon as harbinger of a nasty campaign to come (fouler follow-up here), mocked Bachmann's lunatic attack on health care, picked out the insurance mandate as an issue Santorum could get traction on, advised Newt to get out to get back at Romney given the former's polling, and flagged Obama's rising numbers versus Mitt. We rolled our eyes at Mitt's faux-policies, explained why his "Southern Problem" was really a national problem, listened to an argument for Rick's front-runner status…in 2016, and assessed the Breitbart "bombshell" about Obama's past met principally with derision. Moderates were overrated, heath care may have cost the Dems the House, and SuperPACs couldn't really make up for campaign fundraising deficits. Ad War Update here.

Andrew also rubbished an Iran war on just war theory grounds, caught an egregious instance of theo-Catholicism producing a made-uptheological argument to attack health care reform, noticed another problem with traditional male circumcision (follow-up here), and wondered if Tony Woodlief was the face of a Koch-run Cato. We wondered if Obama lost by winning on Iran, cautioned against a Syria intervention to spite Iran, and surveyed the discussion on and backlash to the #Kony2012 campaign. Readers responded to the Urtak poll on the Cannabis Closet in droves and pushed back against Andrew on Limbaugh. Libertarians were challenged on the consistency of their opposition to the Kochs, homophobia wasn't natural, hate crime laws were ineffective, and sodomy laws were about criminalizing gayness. TSA scanners failed, journalists experimented with 99 cent pricing, apologies seemed like status symbols to some, wine conoisseurs had crazy-sensitive taste buds, and freezing cold beer tricked you into thinking squirrel piss – er, PBR – tasted similar to quality brews. Yglesias Nominee here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.