Tony Woodlief In Context

Yesterday I linked to a post from one of the Koch brothers' candidate for CATO's Board that provided context that largely exonerated him from some of the more anti-libertarian things he has written over the years. I wonder what the full context of this sentence was:

As the campaign for gay marriage continues its relentless march toward a place where even Rome in its deepest debauchery didn’t tread, I’m tempted, when I think about this issue, to capitulate.

Well, you can read it here. Woodlief is an implacable foe of marriage equality. CATO is one of the very few institutions on the right that is still friendly to gay people. I wonder if the Kochs are intent on changing that. Ezra, meanwhile, zooms in on the core issue:

On policy, I probably agree more frequently with the Heritage Foundation than with Cato. But I can’t trust Heritage. I trust Cato.