Do Republicans Even Like Ike?

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 9 2012 @ 9:37am

Geoffrey Kabaservice is puzzled that GOP officials are keeping quiet over a controversial plan to memorialize Eisenhower as a barefoot boy on the National Mall:

[A]t a moment when Republicans are posing as stalwart defenders of a balanced federal budget, they dismiss the example of the most fiscally conservative president of the past eighty years. Eisenhower balanced the budget three times in his eight years in office, a feat that neither Ronald Reagan nor George W. Bush came close to achieving. Ike cut federal civilian employment by 274,000 and reduced the ratio of the national debt to GNP, though not the absolute level of debt. The economy bloomed under his watch, with high growth, low inflation, and low unemployment.

Update from a reader, who thinks Kabaservice misrepresents the memorial:

Even as a liberal without a strong affinity, but much respect, for President Eisenhower, I read Kabaservice's claim that the memorial's "only representation of its subject would be a statue showing him as a barefoot boy" with dismay.  Surely that is not sufficient.  So I checked the design out for myself.  Quite different than described.  Two huge wall sculptures, showing Eisenhower respectively as General and President, flank the statue of him as a boy along with excerpts from memorable speeches.  I presume the message intended is that even someone of such humble beginnings can become a great leader.  While I don't have strong opinion either way on the design, it would have been nice if the author had provided an accurate description of it.