Last Chance To Ask Me Anything

Last Chance To Ask Me Anything

[Re-posted from earlier today, with an update below]

The "Ask Andrew Anything" video series has lasted a lot longer than I thought it would, and before we get around to investigating my bowel movements, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to open it up to other writers, thinkers, public figures. We're calling it the "Ask Anything" series. Our first guest will be Jonah Lehrer and the new format will use Urtak polling for you to come up with and vote on the questions you want to ask. It's interviewing by crowd-sourcing, if you will.

To get started, I thought we'd have one last round of questions for me. We've already primed the poll with five questions from the in-tray, but please add any further (short!) questions in the field at the top of the survey, and vote on them. Or just vote on the possible questions. I'll answer the top five questions over a week, as will our subsequent guests. Answer "Yes" if you would like to see the question asked or "No" or "Don't Care" if you don't think the question is that interesting.

Update: Urtak's algorithm was automatically removing questions that were getting a certain percentage of "Don't Cares", but we want readers to see and respond to as many good questions as possible, so we asked the very helpful and savvy Urtak team to tweak future polls for us.  In the meantime, we switched out the original poll with a new one that is seeded with the 10 best questions submitted from readers thus far.  If you have 30 seconds to spare, please answer the questions with either "Yes" (if you want the particular question answered by me) or "No" (if the question doesn't interest you).  Please don't respond with "Don't Care" – it screws with the algorithm, at least for our purposes. If you don't care about a question, just respond "No". And feel free to submit more questions at the top of the Urtak. Thanks for your help and patience.