The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew penned an encomium to the Conservative-led drive towards marriage equality in Britain, situated the Cathlolic Church's attitudes towards homosexuality at the heart of its troubles, and noted that the openness of The New Republic's top gay brass was a sign of the times (follow-up on TNR's new direction here). We collected reax to the murder of Afghan civilians by a deranged American soldier, were sickened by Fox Nation's response to the massacre, examined the pschology surrounding the drive to war with Iran, listened to an expert Holocaust historian on whether Iran was a similar level of threat, flagged an amusing cartoon about AIPAC, worried about Syria's long war, and saw tragedy unfold for Iraqi youth.

Andrew also acknowledged the election could well be close, guessed at what motivated Sheldon Adelson to donate the way that he does, and gaped at the above instance of Palinsanity. No one knew who was going to win tomorrow's primaries in Alabama and Mississippi (seriously, no one knew), Deep South bigotry lived on, Santorum attempted to keep Romney under 50% of delegates despite Newt's obstruction, and Mitt dominated the early voting rounds. Ad War Update here.

Finally, Andrew explained the last ever round of Ask Andrew Anything and the new Ask Anything series that would replace it. A cashless world seemed likely to have a middling effect on crime, computers were today's architectural marvels, the GIF (re)took the internet by storm, typing altered our thinking, driverless cars eliminated traffic lights, and the first Monday of Daylight Savings time caused lazy web surfing to surge. DST also didn't cause people to save electricity, fasting offered an end-around past jetlag, band-aids mailed to bone-marrow clinics saved lives, changing routine fixed bad habits, and humans couldn't OD on pot (but dogs could). Victorian London was photographed, a man broke his penis, and a British beard mashup baited the Dish. Malkin Nominee here, VFYA(irplane)W here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.