Ad War Update: Super PAC Tuesday

Bloomberg reports that Super PACs are responsible for a whopping 91% of campaign ads in Alabama and Mississippi. Zeke Miller charts TV spending in those states: 

Alabama and mississippi tvspending

He also charts total ad spending in the primaries thus far. Meanwhile, Santorum is fighting back against the Restore Our Future mailer deluge in Alabama with a positive note, featuring rosy words from Limbaugh, Malkin, Huckabee and Palin:


Santorum's Super PAC gets a head start in Louisiana, which votes on March 24: 

As part of the Obama campaign's renewed efforts to promote the ACA, the DNC is circulating a million mailers in key states:


Devin Dwyer has more

The two-sided flyers aim to succeed where previous Democratic messaging campaigns have failed:  to convince women voters in key general election battlegrounds that the law is laden with cost-saving benefits specially for them, and that the savings could be quickly lost if a Republican wins the White House. “You may now get many of your preventive care services for FREE,” reads one DNC flyer in big bold lettering. “Without co-pays, thanks to America’s New Health Care Law,” it adds in highlighted text. Another piece heralds “3 WAYS America’s New Health Care Law is Helping You and Your Family.”  It touts future parity for women with insurance premiums, an end to lifetime benefits caps, and the ability to let children remain on their health plans until age 26.

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