Are They Any Original Rom-Coms Out There?

If the above trailer isn't enough to deter you from seeing Friends With Kids, hopefully Andrew O'Hehir's review will kill off any temptation. A wider shot:

Twenty-odd years after Meg Ryan’s fake orgasm in Katz’s Deli, the rules established by [Nora] Ephron remain essentially the same. As distinct from classic romantic comedy, the two lovers don’t have to be chaste; they can sleep with any number of other people, and even with each other, before reaching the final kiss. (Bi-curious exploration remains at the outer edges of rom-com possibility, but it wouldn’t, strictly speaking, violate the rules.) Their banter is snappy, frank and laden with semi-forbidden gags about politics, religion and sex; if in Ephron’s heyday a PG-13 rating was often sufficient, today date-night legitimacy requires a hard R.

O'Hehir offers up (500) Days of Summer as a rare example of "flout[ing] the Ephron formula."