Putin’s Iron Fist Begins To Rust

Tom Nichols pinpoints the problem with the Russian president's blatant attempts to silence dissenters after the rigged election

Putin and his coterie just don’t get it about information technology in the 21st century. Going after bloggers, or punk bands, or almost anyone under 50 in Russia means risking a serious coast-to-coast blowup in an hour. To this day, that who [sic] concept seem to befuddle the Russian President. Putin put out some slick commercials, to be sure. And if this were 1992 instead of 2012, that would have been great. But everything goes viral in this age; I’d never heard of…erm, Pussy Riot until last week, and now I’ve seen their videos. Busting them and putting them in people like that in jail creates brushfires, it doesn’t extinguish them.