Romney Is Winning Where It Matters

Harry Enten does some delegate math: 

Despite the probable split-verdict in the delegate count coming out of the South, Mitt Romney is likely to emerge with most delegates [today]. Why? Though not subject to much media focus, Romney's going to do very well in the American Samoa and Hawaii caucuses. American Samoa is 30% Mormon (the most Mormon-dominated contest this year, outside of Utah). Though the delegates are technically "unbound", the six in American Samoa are likely all to go Romney's way. Don't be surprised if any of the three American Samoan "automatic" delegates go over to Romney, as well.

Walter Kirn crafts a metaphor to characterize Romney's campaign:

[T]he firm of Romney & Associates is all about steady capital appreciation. When valued in the short-term, which is the term the media obsesses on, his portfolio seems to be lagging, underperforming, but measured over the medium-to-long-term it's done just dandy, thank you. Delegates show up in his account singly, in bunches, and sometimes not at all, but check out the man's monthly statements—he's getting rich.