The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 14 2012 @ 10:35pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew framed the election as a choice about a war over Iran, fit Cameron's state visit into Obama's reelection campaign, parsed the poll suggesting an Obama blowout, and found Santorum's nomination strategy in the video above. We compiled reax to the Deep South primary, wondered if Santorum could win Illinois, debated Rick's chances down the road, pinpointed the difference between a "brokered" and "open" convention, and aired a situational explanation for the "weakest field ever." SuperPACs grew by hurting the GOP candidate's chances and voters failed to grasp that Obama lowered their taxes. Ad War Updates here and here.

Andrew praised one of the most insightful reviews of Charles Murray's new book to date, wished the Derb well during chemo, and previewed tonight's South Park premiere. Syria divided evangelicals and neoconservatives, Assad's chemical weapons threatened both his people and the world, and withdrawing from Afghanistan faster was complicated. We shared another terrible story about gays in Catholic institutions (this time, the choir), noted Roy Moore's victory, thought about the consequences of the spreading anti-Limbaugh campaign, updated you on Balko's pain pill series, and checked McGinniss' experiment in online publishing.

Factory farms and PETA alike made their killing of animals invisible (albeit on different scales), while corpse flowers merely smelled awful. Nerds went mainstream, John Carter's in-the-know trailers destined it for box-office flopdom, and rom-coms weren't necessarily so staid. Encyclopedia Britannica ended print publication, TED turned people into ideas, millenials looked likely to move out (eventually), the waiting population boomed, cellphones outpaced toilets in India, and a man charted his life. Chart of the Day here, Correction of the Day here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.