Will The Religious Right Back Assad?

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 14 2012 @ 11:11am


Bob Wright foresees a split between neocons and Christians:

The evangelical press is reporting that Syrian Christians fear Assad’s fall and is quoting them as warning against foreign intervention. Catholic periodicals convey similar concerns, and illustrate them with, for example, reports that Syrian rebels are using Christians as human shields. And Jihad Watch, the right-wing website run by Robert Spencer, a Catholic, bemoans what will happen to Syrian Christians as “Assad’s enemies divide the spoils of the fallen regime.” (Spencer has in the past been skeptical of interventions, but he reaches conservative Christians who have been less skeptical.) The alliance between neocons and conservative Christians that has worked in the past is going to be harder to put together this time.

(Photo: Syrian supporters of President Bashar Assad rally outside a Greek Orthodox church ahead of a mass held in Damascus on January 9, 2012 in memory of two victims of recent fighting in the country, Saria Hassoun, the son of Syria's grand mufti who was killed in October in Homs, and a 10-year-old Christian boy, killed recently in the central flashpoint city as he ventured out to buy cookies. The opposition accused Assad's troops of killing the boy, but his mother appeared on official Syrian television to say 'armed gangs' were behind the murder. By Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images)