Ad War Update

Puerto Rico votes on Sunday. In an interview with El Vocero newspaper yesterday, Santorum said that English must be the "principal language" of Puerto Rico as a prerequisite of US statehood. The Romney campaign is now taking a different approach. Here's Craig Romney making the case for his father in Spanish: 

Translation here. Meanwhile, Santorum's Super PAC knocks Romney in Illinois as "Obama lite": 

Alex Burns has more

The Red White and Blue Fund has aired contrast spots against Romney before, but this is the most aggressive effort yet to define his Massachusetts record in negative terms. The spot has about $300,000 behind it, a source confirms. … The Romney campaign is crying foul over the ad, pointing to a fact-check that calls the claims about Romney's budget record "misleading."

First Read has an early look at spending in upcoming primaries: 

Illinois (3/20): Restore Our Future $2.3 million, Romney $923,000, Gingrich $16,000 Louisiana (3/24): Restore Our Future $465,000, Red White and Blue Fund $244,000, Santorum $32,000 Winning Our Future $3,000 Wisconsin (4/3): Restore Our Future $508,000.

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