Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I'm not NRA, I'm not right-wing, and I voted Obama, but that selection of clips from Mississippi was shameless. "Let's find a bunch of toothless, white Mississippi rednecks living in poverty who hate blacks and think Obama is a Muslim." Wow – tough assignment, Alexandra. Is it any wonder the right has gone "ape shit" over this? It is the cheapest of cheap journalism. Imagine a right-wing "documentary" about homosexuality in which the only interviews they get are guys from a gay pride parade in San Francisco clad in chaps, speaking with flamboyantly exaggerated lisps.

Come on, Andrew. You're better than this.

That my reader doesn't think it's a tough assignment to find these folks rather undercuts his point, don't you think? These people were not hard to find and were not dressed in a parade in a way they wouldn't be in ordinary life. Objective polling shows that a plurality of these voters believe Obama is a Muslim. The idea that racism is no factor in the deep South's disdain for Obama is a preposterous piece of spin. But if there are videos out there of interviews with white Republican Alabamans or Mississippians expressing a different point of view, or coherently criticizing Obama on specific policies, please let me know and I'll post them.