If Steve Jobs Designed A Sex Toy

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 16 2012 @ 2:11pm

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Tracy Clark-Flory surveys the increasingly sophisticated market for male sex toys:

"Pocket" vaginas have long been ridiculed as objects of desperation and creepiness: Most are misproportioned and rubbery — some even have synthetic pubic hair sewn into faux flesh (they aim for far greater anatomical literalness than most vibrators or dildos). These types of toys range from a few bucks to a couple hundred, but are generally known for being pathetic imitations of the real thing. Thanks to a couple of leading companies, though, masturbatory sleeves — which are generally soft tubes that go over the penis — are becoming sleeker, sexier and more high-tech. …

[Japanese company Tenga's] new 3-D line of sleeves are being advertised using images of them turned inside out, revealing elaborate and, quite frankly, beautiful raised geometric patterns. The Zen model looks like a phallic Japanese rock garden.

The American company Fleshlight is quickly adapting to the growing market. Here is a review of their modern-designed sleeve called The Flight.