Why Won’t People Stop A Bike Thief?

In a redo of his 7-year-old experiment, Casey Neistat stole his own bike [NYT] without any interruptions, even in front of a police station. Brian Merchant wonders what it would take for society to change:

I was in Copenhagen last year, where I saw a number of bikes leaning on buildings, unlocked. Then I saw more, just tossed over on the grass. I asked a Dane what the deal was. Nobody really wanted the bikes, it turns out, because everyone that wanted one already had one. Or had access to one, through the city's bike-share system. No bike thief could make any serious money selling bikes. Besides, income equality was much greater in Denmark, and the have-nots were not nearly as destitute or desperate as those in a city like New York. The incentive for organized bike-stealing was simply not there.