The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 19 2012 @ 10:37pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew reupped his defense of Democratic fiscal conservatism over the GOP's profligacy, argued that Obama and Cameron's respective fiscal strategies made sense in the context of each of their countries, spotted the "critical bad play" in the debt ceiling negotiations, explained why Catholics were rejecting Santorum and the Church hierarchy, noted Romney's new spin on the economy, and called out Drudge for merging with the Romney campaign. We noted Romney's significant victory in Puerto Rico (and its undercoverage by the press), previewed a potential blowout in Illinois, and gaped at Gingrich's perseverence. Readers debated Alexandra Pelosi's Obama voter "expose," American voting looked pretty tribal, and presidential rhetorical power was pretty limited.

Andrew also introduced the poll for "Ask Jonah Lehrer Anything," flagged both a great PSA on being gay in hockey and a horrific interview with Tony Blair and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on the latter's support for laws banning homosexual sex, got angry about the Dharun Ravi verdict, and uncovered a truly repellent instance of Church corruption. We grabbed reax to the Mike Daisey Apple-In-China fiasco, guessed an Iran war could never be won, and saw Gitmo assimilate its opponents. The Catholic hierarchy didn't always hate gays, an abortion in Texas was excruciating, and the sex offender registry had unintended consequences. Obamacare's legality came up for debate in anticipation of next week's case, domestic oil appeared unlikely to solve high gas prices, cities greened, and ways to increase creative thinking got examined.

We told you to relax and get bored, cautioned against over-optimism, rubbished human nature, watched detectives use data to succeed, marvelled at the consequences of global warming, and broke down why decaf coffee tasted terrible. The Hunger Games discussion went on, films critics ceased to matter, Luck's luck ran out after one-too-many killed horses, and another reader kept up up the discussion of gore in fiction. Hathos Alert here, Hathos Red Alert here, AAA here, Chart of the Day here, Quote of the Day here, MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.