The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 20 2012 @ 10:39pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew went after Jeffrey Goldberg's dismissal of The Crisis of Zionism, noticed two other instances of a growing "Ignore. Peter. Beinart." movement, explained how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fuelled Bin Laden's fanaticism, and decried some home-grown religious craziness from a Santorum supporter. We compiled reax to Romney's win-verging-on-blowout in Illinois, heard the "primary is over" chorus out, checked on how long it would take for Romney to wrap it up, explored his extraordinary underperformance, wondered if Mitt's military non-service would become an isssue, and gathered evidence that Rubio would be a terrible VP pick (electorally speaking). Ad War Updates here and here.

Andrew also blasted two cardinals' nigh-GOP endorsements, reacted to thoughts from the Dish's female readership on the gender imbalance, and brought Ask Jonah [Lehrer] Anything back to your attention. We spotlighted the spate of recent debt ceiling debate autopsies, rubbished fears of dumb voters, continued debate on the Alexandra Pelosi Obama voter video, waited for Obama's reelection for an about-face on marriage equality, bet SCOUTS would leave Obamacare alone, and dug up some old-but-relevant remarks from Obama on striking Iran. India might not have begun a rise to great power status, Iraq didn't help the victims of "emo killings," and Apple wasn't any worse about immoral outsourcing than its competitors. Steve Jobs led his company to an enormous fastly rise, Google fell by trying too hard to fight Facebook, a dictator used Photoshop, and an iPad met concrete. Glenn Beck profited online, hockey loved the gays, historians verified chop suey's authenticity, yellow fever got filmed, spring came early, and Ryan Gosling aged like scotch. Chart of the Day here, Malkin Nominee here, Quote of the Day here, AAA here, VFYW Contest Winner here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.