The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #94


A reader writes:

I have my four kids with me (11, 9, 7, 1).  We're guessing Dublin, Ireland:

1.  Cars parked on left side of street – not US, likely Europe.
2.  Weather looks non-summer like – implies Northern Hemisphere.
3.  My wife and I traveled to Dublin once, and it looks like one of the main streets where my sister-in-law worked.  Maybe Grafton street, where the Molly Malone statue resides?
4.  Today is St. Patrick's Day … maybe too easy, but a reasonable guess.

We've never won, and my kids love playing!  If wrong, we'll keep trying.

Another writes:

Kiev, Ukraine? I think that because the scene looks cold, stark, and surprisingly well constructed. Please tell your American readers that Kiev is great – it is a beautiful surprise that offers Old World culture and delicious food, while still qualifying as a "foreign land" – kind of like how Prague and Budapest felt 20 years ago.


I don’t know if this disqualifies me because I live an hour away, but I believe the VFYW is taken in Syracuse, NY – the black tower in the back is one (of the two) AXA Towers. The crane is part of the ever-present construction at SU. I am not too sure of the street – either Lafayette or State, looking onto Salina Street. It is near the Armory Square neighborhood. (I was so tempted to cheat with Google, but I stayed strong.)


Well, the charming early-20th century architecture and the empty streets makes it pretty clear that this is the Rust Belt.  And after a whole lot of Google map and image searches of the cities of the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and Mississippi River, I got frustrated with my inability to find this building, so I'm just going to go with my gut reaction that this is Buffalo.  Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis, and Kansas City are too densely built up, and Pittsburgh and Cincinnati have too many hills.


Portland, Oregon? I just feel it viscerally.  Has to be the SW near Pearl District somewhat close to Burnside.  I don't see the distinctive water fountains but they are not on every street.  I miss my rainy hometown.


Really, how the hell can anyone get this without having been there?

That said, the buildings scream turn of the century America, and the scale screams Midwest cowtown, along with the empty streets. I'm going with Cheyenne, Wyoming on a recent Sunday.


It sure looks like a building I remember in my hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. I've been away long enough that I can't be sure if all the details are right. If I am right, the camera is facing east onto the intersection of 13th and N Streets. Also, it looks like the picture was taken from inside one of the "sky-walks" connecting various buildings downtown.


I'm almost certainly wrong, but that red building kinda sorta maybe looks like the Taft in New Haven, so that's my guess.  The only other time I've had an intuition about a View was when I saw this one and immediately thought of my summer in Nice, France.  I shrugged it off and figured your ridiculously good readers would get it.  I would have won!  I've been kicking myself ever since. Never again.


I know my "guess" is wrong, but the architecture, the gauzy effect of the screen window, and the fact that I just finished Stephen King's 11/22/63 immediately made me imagine this was the View From Oswald's Window.


Fort Worth, Texas? Looks like the old Hotel Texas where John F. Kennedy spent his last night on earth, in the foreground. I grew up in the city and know that one as the grand old hotel. Then again, that building could be in almost any midwestern or southwestern city – KC, Albuquerque, Des Moines, Tucson, Denver, OKC.


I almost spit my coffee back in my cup when I saw the picture.  It is of my office building in which I am currently sitting! This picture is of 4th Street in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The building in the foreground and to the right is the 320 S. Boston Building. The intersection in the picture is of 4th Street and Main Street.  The first floor of the building with the red overhangs above the window in the background is an Arby's fast food restaurant.  The picture was likely taken from a window in the First Place Tower, which sits at the corner of 4th Street and Boston Avenue.

I don't know how to do all the fancy graphics most winners do to show from where the picture is taken, but I have attached a screen shot of Google Maps:

Screen shot 2012-03-20 at 11.59.04 AM


A flood of memories just came rushing back to me.  The intersection in the photo is 4th and Main in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma where I went to college.  Something about the combination of the style of the brick building and the red awnings instantly triggered my memory, plus it doesn't hurt that my first real job was across the street from where the photo was taken.  The ground floor of the brick building with the large arched windows used to be a beautiful bank (I am fortunate to have been inside) when Tulsa was booming with oil riches, but it has sat empty for easily over a decade as energy companies migrated to Houston starting in the early 1980s and the city grew away from downtown.

Another gets close to the right window:

At first I thought: Surely not!  There is no way that is my hometown on the Dish.  A quick Google Map search turned up nothing promising, so I put it in the back of my mind and carried on with my day.  But after my two year old finally went to sleep, I thought I'd try again.  Sitting in the quiet, my wife enjoying The Hunger Games before the movie comes out, I had that sudden rush of excitement that other Dish readers know:  I found it!  Tulsa, Oklahoma! Specifically the Boston Building – 400 S Boston Ave – 10th Floor – Suite 1002.

I wish I knew more of the history of Tulsa so I could write a page and a half on why the buildings in the picture are significant.  I have enjoyed reading up on some of them as I did my research and struggled over what to write you.  Can I come up with a story that will get me in the "Another" category?  Should I talk about how this is my first contest, yet I read each and every one with gusto on Tuesdays.  Or how getting this one right will lead me to now participate in the contest rather than watch from the sidelines?

Or I can just say thank you for showing a corner of my world to the world at large.  Usually when I hear Oklahoma in the national news I can't help but cringe.  From Inhofe to Sally Kern, there are some here who seem to want to make life miserable for those of us who are tolerate and open minded. So thank you, Andrew.

Another gets closer:

Photo(2)Long time reader, first time contest answer-er.  I have always wanted to play this but just am not very good, but I instantly recognized this as my hometown.  I am a few blocks from it right now. The Disher was on the 10th or 11th floor of this building that I have attached a picture of, and their window faces west.  It is in Tulsa's deco district downtown – the oil boom brought some amazing art deco architecture to our city.  The first building is the Beacon Building, and I am not sure what the name of the white building is, but there is an Arby's on the first floor.

The winner nails the right floor:

Looking west down Fourth Street from the west side of The Boston Building (400 South Boston Avenue).  I will guess the 11th floor.

Another reader also zeroed in on the 11th floor, and there was no way to break the tie (both were first-time players), so we'll have to send out two books this week. The second winning entry:

Holy crap!  That’s my city.  I have no idea why, but I always just assumed I was the only person in Oklahoma who read the Dish every day.

The picture was taken in Tulsa, Oklahoma from the Boston Building on the southwest corner of 4th and Boston downtown.  The window it was taken from faces west and we’re looking sort of northwest toward where the Arkansas River passes downtown Tulsa.  The crane in the center of the photo is part of construction on a new office building going up a few blocks over.  The brown building in the forefront is the Reunion Center, and, given the photographer’s relative height in comparison, I’d say this photo was taken from the 11th floor of the Boston Building.  This would likely put the photographer in the Street Law Firm. I work across the street at the 320 South Boston Building.  Here’s the view from my window of the building from which this photo was taken:


These two buildings are crawling with lawyers … beware!