The Horror In Toulouse

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 21 2012 @ 11:16am


A mass murderer in France killed several French soldiers of North African/Caribbean descent and four French Jews at a Jewish middle/high school. The motivation appears to be radical Islam. Jean-Yves Camus worries about the future of terrorism this attack heralds:

[T]he most important fact to emerge for the Jewish community in France is that they will have to learn how to live under threat from an enemy that is not necessarily a terrorist network with a leadership and cells, but one which follows the pattern of "leaderless resistance," a concept believed to be on the rise within a range of radical movements, both Islamist and extreme-right.

Eric Pape runs down the potential implications of the murder for French politics.

(Photo: A woman cries as she stands against the side window of the convoy carrying the coffins, before it leaves the 'Ozar Hatorah' Jewish school after a funeral ceremony, on March 20, 2012 in Toulouse, southwestern France. The bodies of three French-Israeli children and a Jewish teacher killed in a gun attack began their journey Tuesday from the school where they died to their burial in Israel, an AFP reporter said. By Phillipe Desmazes/AFP/Getty Images.)