The Rise Of Mormon Feminism

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 22 2012 @ 2:41pm

Frieda Klotz heralds the birth an online community centered in part on The Exponent, a group blog devoted to a Mormon understanding of feminism:

Blogging suits Mormon practices because it draws on the tradition of keeping a journal, and church leaders have explicitly encouraged it – three years ago, Elder M Russell Ballard made a speech urging Mormons to use new media to share the Gospel. The church's official website,, is a pretty exceptional example of persuasive use of social media; and on the wider web a "Bloggernacle" flourishes, with conversations running the gamut from orthodoxy to dissidence. All of this suggests the church may be willing to relax its stance on feminism.

Dropout rates from Mormonism are high, with some estimates indicating that 80% of young people leave. By giving women a space to articulate their struggles, feminist blogs could stem that flow; but whether real change will occur on the issues feminists care about remains to be seen entirely.

Via Liberal Japonicus, who comments:

As a (very) lapsed Methodist from the deep South, the possibility that a religion can encompass a lot of opposites and contradictions is something I'd grown up with, but it is fascinating to see it from the outside.