Ad War Update

Total Super PAC spending now exceeds $80 million (Romney's Restore Our Future is responsible for more than $37 million). Further analysis of new fundraising reports here. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign marks the two-year anniversary of the ACA's passage: 

Needless to say, the National Republican Senatorial Committee remembers things differently: 

In case you doubted his commitment to defeating Obama in November, Santorum issues this dystopian portrait:

Alex Burns has more

Santorum strategist John Brabender tells me the video kicks off an eight-part miniseries. The focus on small-town America is of a piece with Santorum's campaign message so far, which has focused on maxing out support for the Republican in conservative and more rural areas.

Ron Paul tries to change the conversation: 

Matt Lewis scoffs

Ron Paul’s team will argue this ad is mocking all three of his opponents for focusing on pointless issues. (All three of their campaigns, after all, are talking about an Etch a Sketch.) Trivializing the Etch a Sketch debate, of course, also happens to help Mitt Romney. But is the Etch a Sketch debate trivial? To many, it is a metaphor for a much larger and serious question: Whether or not Romney can be trusted to remain a true conservative on a variety of substantive issues after he wins the nomination. I’ll let you decide if this is a legitimate Ron Paul ad meant to contrast him against the field, or one designed to subtly help Mitt Romney.

Lastly, the RNC fixates on Solyndra:

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