Ad War Update

The RNC delights in Solicitor General Verilli's bad day in Court

Ed Morrissey explains

After the disastrous session of oral arguments on the individual mandate yesterday — which Jeffrey Toobin called "a train wreck for the administration" — most of ObamaCare’s backers were not exactly generous with Verilli.  At Mother Jones, Adam Serwer called Verilli’s performance "abysmal," and the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein criticized his delivery and noted that the liberal justices had to rescue him.  A couple of journalists compared him to arguably incompetent sports figures like JaVale McGee and Billy Cundiff.  That’s the kind of notoriety that Solicitors General rarely get, and never want.

Meanwhile, GOP Super PAC American Crossroads pits candidate Obama against president Obama on the individual mandate: 

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