Hathos Alert

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 28 2012 @ 5:05pm


Harry Cheadle of Vice eviscerates The Conservative Teen, an ostensibly youth-centric mag written by old men from places like the Heritage Foundation and Family Research Council:

How bad is this magazine? Well, there’s the cover, which features what’s probably a stock photo of a pair of frighteningly Aryan young people. The whole magazine is filled with stock photos, actually, which is odd—if they spent money to get name-brand writers, why not pay for original images that teens might like? There’s the patronizing practice of defining difficult words for readers, like “cameo” and “sovereign” and the extremely hacky editorial cartoons (labeled “laugh out loud” after “LOL,” a popular internet expression used by young people), some of which make fun of kids for being dumb and technology-obsessed. In other words, they’re making fun of their target demographic with jokes you would find in fucking Parade magazine!

Wonkette piles on.