Does Romney Really Want A Foreign Policy Election?

Larison notes that Romney has lost even McCain, Lieberman and Butters due to "excessive hawkishness" on Russia. The candidate is now doubling down in Foreign Policy. Adam Sorensen sees Romney's "no apology" foreign policy returning to the forefront of the campaign: 

[U]ntil very recently the most important issue in Romney’s campaign narrative was the economy. Whether it’s a slightly sunnier domestic outlook or a confluence of events thrusting foreign policy back into the conversation–Obama’s hot mic and creeping war fatigue among them–Romney appears to be revising his narrative back to something closer to his original vision.

Of course, Romney is distinctively out of touch on the issue: 

[I]t is becoming increasingly clear that the American people are very weary of war—indeed, far more weary of it than one would think based on the Republican rhetoric thus far in this campaign. … [A]ny imprudent Romney adventurism probably wouldn’t be attributable to the sentiment of the voters. Indeed, it would probably emerge because a President Romney hadn’t sufficiently taken into account the political sanctions that would be imposed by unsentimental voters if his adventurism went awry.

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