“The More We Drag It Out, The Harder It Is To Win In November”

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 30 2012 @ 2:58pm

Paul Ryan, like Rubio, endorses Mitt Romney because not doing so would improve Obama's re-election odds:

Weigel notes that this is not the norm:

Endorsements don't have to be rote. They're usually quite florid. The modern standard for a hell-yeah endorsement is Ted Kennedy's 2008 anointing of Barack Obama.

John Cassidy examines Romney's endorsements:

Romney’s campaign is understandably eager to show off all the people who are supporting him. But the actual endorsements bear inspection. Most of them are respectful. A few are warm and gracious. But many, particularly those from ardent conservatives, appear to have been drawn from the endorser with a pair of dental tweezers. Often, what they don’t say is as significant as what they do say.

He uses a rough taxonomy to classify Romney endorsers.