The Decline Of Gun Ownership, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Mar 31 2012 @ 11:05am

The number of households with firearms may be down, but gun sales and the publications that glorify them are booming:

Guns and Ammo reaches 575,000. American Rifleman, 1.6 million. As readers flee most magazines, gun publications are flourishing—thanks in part to an increasingly hard-line editorial direction. The 12-year-old NRA title America's 1st Freedom recently saw a single-year growth of 23 percent to a circulation north of 600,000. Since Obama's election, gun-focused magazines have landed on the list of the 25 fastest-growing titles. Visit any supermarket magazine rack in flyover country and a quarter to a third of it will be dedicated to gun magazines.

Despite the abandonment of the gun-control debate, gun sales are booming since Obama took office. Sturm Ruger & Co. recently halted new orders, citing an inability to meet surging sales. The company's stock jumped 7.8 percent. … And instead of smoothing sales, the decrease in violent crime has been used to buttress the more-guns position.