Ad War Update

Campaign ad of the day – where Santorum morphs Obama's face into Romney's – here. Reid Wilson breaks down overall spending, which now totals $87 million: 

More than half that total — $50 million — has been spent on Mitt Romney's behalf. Romney's campaign has dropped $16.7 million on television ads, while the pro-Romney Restore Our Future has spent nearly $33.3 million pounding away at Romney's rivals, the figures show. Romney's allies have outspent his rivals in every state that has held contests so far. This week alone, Romney is spending $540,000 in Wisconsin, while Restore Our Future is up with a total of $2.2 million in advertising spread over seven states with upcoming contests.

Romney's online ad strategy is to tell people what they want to hear, literally:

In the past campaign speeches often tried to include one line or two to satisfy each type of voter. But increasingly campaigns are figuring out exactly what people like you would need to hear to vote for them, and then giving exactly that message to people exactly like you. Another group of people will hear another message directed explicitly at their concerns. 

Meanwhile, in the below ad, Obama addresses a core demographic ("women are not an interest group"):

Obama's Super PAC turns the tables on high gas prices: 

The progressive group Americans United for Change and the AFSCME take aim at the Ryan plan: 

And the RNC dwells on the scariness of Russia:

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