The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 2 2012 @ 10:35pm


Today on the Dish, Andrew explored his Newsweek cover-story on reclaiming Christianity (which he defended here and found a meme for here), speculated that Obama already knows that the Court has killed the mandate, felt jaw drop to floor after hearing about Sarah Palin's hosting gig (follow-up here), blasted Santorum's "pick-and-choose" Christianism, and noted the candidate's escalating attacks on Romney. Mitt acted recklessly in Wisconsin, women abandoned Romney for Obama in crucial states, Obama looked capable of winning while losing a majority of all Christians, Rob Portman seemed like a plausible veep, Santorum was cyber-bullied, and the GOP turned against science. We brought out the popcorn as Obama took on the Court over the mandate, thought more about whether SCOTUS faced a "crisis of legitimacy," attempted a defense of judicial activism, discussed more elements of Hillary Clinton's feminism, adjudicated an argument TNC and Juan Williams about black-on-black crime strongly in the former's favor, and pondered what the filibuster has done to our democracy. Ad War Update here.

Andrew also took on the WaPo review of Peter Beinart's book, compared Poland's prosecution of torture to America's, debuted the readership stats from our first year at the Beast, and introduced the new "Ask Anything" series (the first installment, featuring Jonah Lehrer on pot, is here.) We tracked the least-bad month in Iraq since the invasion – which we were irrelevant to, worried that Iran's most powerful weapon was its control over oil prices, ran down the historic election in Burma, and delved into the "strange persistence of Islamophobia." The feds raided a pot school, prohibiton's absurdities amazed, police search dogs often failed, and doctors replaced treatment with drugs. Marriage hysterics incorrectly predicted the future (in 1986), humans reached peak IQ, the web became its own universe, and a blind man drove. Readers discussed the drivers-vs.-bikers debate and the football as big tobacco analogy, the penny had uses, it was possible to be overgenerous, Coco Chanel created tanning, Lena Dunham got described as the 25 year old female Louis CK, and a plastic skull sold for $50k. Hathos Alert here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.