Tablet vs Beinart

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 2 2012 @ 11:04am

It's a classic review in the Washington Post, Ground Zero for Greater Israel fanatics. Let's check off all the ad hominem memes to discredit the book: it's about Peter, not Israel; it isn't tough enough on the Palestinians; Israel's just fine occupying the West Bank for ever; there's no such thing as the Israel Lobby whatsoever. I.e. nothing to see here, folks, just

disillusioned Jewish summer camp alumni, NPR listeners and other beautiful souls who want the Holy Land to be a better place but do not have the time or ability to study the issues, learn the languages or talk to the people on both sides whose hearts have been broken over and over again by prophets making phony promises.

So the complexity bullshit rises again! And the one thing I've learned to search for in scathing reviews of The Crisis of Zionism is any actual defense of continuing to build Jewish settlements on occupied land, making a two-state solution increasingly impossible. To this Alana Newhouse has no real response. And yet this is the core question of the book.

That tells you something: better to dismiss Peter Beinart than face up to the truths he is telling us.