The Political Case For Baseball

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 5 2012 @ 9:33am


As the season begins, Michael Kazin makes it: 

Major League Baseball (MLB), the oldest spectator team sport in the nation, has become the most affordable and least exploitative one—and its labor relations are remarkably harmonious, too.

Compared to the dysfunction, scandal, and discontent commonplace in other professional sport, baseball is looking better than ever. Let’s start with cost: A family with a middle-class income can attend a baseball game without straining its budget but has to think hard before splurging for an afternoon or evening spent inside an NFL stadium or an NBA or NHL arena. In 2011, the average price of an MLB ticket was about $27, compared to over $48 for a pro basketball game, $57 for a hockey match, and a whopping $113 for one ticket to a gridiron bruise-a-thon. 

More on that bruising here and here.

(Photo by Flickr user Shoothead)