Quote For The Day


"What would the world be like if Christians actually believed in a humble God? If following a God of poverty and humility led them to abandon their opinions, prejudices, and judgments so they could be more open to love others where they are, like God?

Francis went about the world following the footprints of Christ, not so he could look like Christ, but because they were the footprints of divine humility. He discovered that God descends in love to meet us where we are and he found God in the most unexpected forms: the disfigured flesh of a leper, the complaints of a brother, the radiance of the sun, in short, the cloister of the universe. The wisdom of Francis makes us realize that God loves us in our incomplete humanity even though we are always running away trying to rid ourselves of defects, wounds and brokenness.

If we could only see that God is there in the cracks of our splintered human lives we would already be healed," - Ilia Delio, in The Humility of God

(Photo: A devout pilgrim of the Virgin of Copacabana walks in the road linking La Paz with the virgin's sanctuary, 140 km over the Titicaca Lake, near the border with Peru on April 5, 2012, during Holy Week celebrations. Christian believers around the world mark the Holy Week of Easter in celebration of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By Aizar Raldes /AFP/Getty Images.)