The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, I defended good-versus-evil narratives, Chris invited you to ask Tyler Cowen Anything and chuckled at a penguin, and Patrick gave you a moment of Andrew. Romney distinguished between Mormon "doctrine" and "practices," it appeared possible that the GOP might have to defend both in the election, and Gingrich reconciled (sort of) to the inevitable. We debated the Ryan plan's seriousness, listened to reader feedback on the "Social Darwinism" label for it, and dove into the science of ideology. John Derbyshire's firing got more scrutiny here and here, gender roles limited female opportunities in Congress, and journalists prophesied their own doom.

We also weighed in on pink slime, took in advice on getting out of food ruts, examined how to prevent human extinction, zoomed in on the secret life of plankton, and learned about human society from an octopus. Posthumous marriage and child conception posed ethical issues, homophobia came from repressed gayness (shocker, that), a (potentially false) coming out story moved us, and monogamy worked for many. The deluge on Big Football continued, tackling Saddam was expensive, our energy crisis needed to be solved socially, your dollars went to office workers, and the government had more to do if it wanted to improve our economic situation. Laughter bonded and Korean pop spread. Ask Charles Murray Anything here, View from your Airplane Window here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.