What’s Next For Romney?

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 11 2012 @ 11:02am

by Maisie Allison

Byron York outlines the challenges facing the presumptive nominee: 

At the same time he has to inspire the conservative base that has always viewed him with skepticism, he also has to win the support of moderate and independent women all across the country who view conservative Republicans with skepticism. A recent Gallup poll of a dozen swing states found Romney actually leading President Obama by one point among men but trailing the president by an astonishing 18 points among women. How does Romney do it?

Alec MacGillis homes in on class, rather than ideology: 

[P]retty much across the board, [Romney] did poorly among, well, poorer and more rural voters. It’s been said before but can’t be overstated: Romney’s chances this fall will hinge largely on whether he can win big among the working-class whites that have become the Republican base. John McCain held an 18-point edge among these voters, but as big a margin as that was, it was smaller than George W. Bush’s 23-point margin in 2004. A recent poll had Romney’s lead with these voters at 17 points—sizable, yes, but he will need to surpass McCain in this category, a category whose share is shrinking with every passing election.