The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 12 2012 @ 10:36pm


Today on the Dish, I defended the idea that liberal democracy was here to stay, spoke up in favor of gyms (follow-up here), and clarified a point on drug legalization versus criminalization, while Patrick debunked a wildly misleading statistic from the Romney campaign. Today's nontroversy merited a meh, the Buffet Rule tested the GOP's elasticity, Mitt needn't fret about the empathy gap (an attribute that probably didn't matter much in Presidents anyway), and Eisenhower's approach got deconstructed. We took in arguments as to why Obamacare wouldn't increase the deficit, spotlighted Connecticut's decision to ax the death penalty, and kept up the political labels v. intelligence debate. Ad War Update here.

We also glimpsed the life of gay teenagers gripped by ex-gay theory, examined "dating with disability" (follow-up here), and further distanced asexuality from anti-intimacy. Readers debated the VAT as tax simplification, paying for education with future earnings, and fighting in hockey. War might have been less likely if it was harder to start, Communtiy explained real wars, the quality of American food fell off - as did walking, stay-at-home mothers were less well off, and Microsoft Word sucked. Pet obituaries created problems and a dog talked. Ask Charles Murray Anything here, the (above) Hathos Alert here, VFYW here, FOTD here, and MHB here.