The Politics Of The Buffett Rule

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 12 2012 @ 1:28pm

by Patrick Appel

Chait acknowledges them:

A senior administration said today that breaking the GOP’s dogmatic insistence on preserving or deepening Bush-era tax rates for the rich is a key step to making a sensible budget reform possible. The Buffett Rule is a symbolic fight to expose Republican extremism.

Yes, it’s a relatively small change. No, it won’t eliminate the deficit all by itself. But Republicans oppose it because they won’t accede to any higher taxes on the rich, no matter what – not even on people who are paying lower rates than the middle class.

Tomasky is uneasy:

[I]t worries me that fairness is more the theme than growth. Thinking about fairness comes more naturally to liberals, and they/we care passionately about it. But that doesn’t mean we should assume everybody else does.