Ad War Update

by Maisie Allison

The Obama campaign celebrates Romneycare's sixth anniversary, casting Romney as a proud pioneer of the ACA: 

Sahil Kapur has more

The dueling responses foreshadow a sort of political chess match where Romney works to keep the focus on “Obamacare” while Obama responds by strategically giving his opponent some credit for his signature law. The other wildcard is the Supreme Court’s verdict on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. A ruling to strike down some or all of it would energize Romney’s message that the federal government overstepped its bounds, but a decision to uphold the law would effectively make his one trump card — the federal-state distinction — moot. Despite Romneycare’s minimal effect in controlling costs, it has been a success by a number of indicators: Nearly everyone in the state has insurance, emergency room visits have dropped and surveys show that about two-thirds of residents favor the law.

The Democratic PAC American Bridge piles on

Super PAC spending update here

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