A Week Without Words


Say this for a staycation: it helps if it's in April in Washington DC. The pollen descends like microscopic yellow snow, but the leaves have that new-born baby freshness when lit through by new sunlight. I made a vow: no reading. I didn't succeed entirely: I had to do taxes, answer urgent emails, and I exempted poetry. So I listened to music, watched the full, extended Blu-Ray of The Lord of the Rings, prayed, went to the Phillips Collection, rode my bike as long as my sniveling nose would allow me, and slept. I've long had trouble pacing myself, and so when I crash or relax after a long period of work, I tend to go down pretty hard. There's nothing like sleeping for ten hours one night and then taking a two-hour nap the next day. Sometimes, I wonder if I prefer sleeping to being awake.

But it was good to go a week without following the news. Santorum dropped out and Hilary Rosen said something stupid, and that was about it. But reading the Dish, the team really did find and engage in a whole world of things out of but also beyond the news. After twelve years, it's great to know that I can drop out and this blogazine purrs on. Patrick, Chris, Zoe, Maisie and Zack have my deepest gratitude.