The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew came back from his staycation, declared this election's highest stakes to be in foreign policy, disapproved of Obama's new tone, and bet Palin could have beaten Romney. We wondered if Obama and Romney were actually close, puzzled over Mitt's Republican DREAM Act and secret tax plan (here and here), and examined Communist witchunting as a fundraising tactic. The NRA sounded crazy and the recession might have been much worse.

Andrew also blasted Bill Donohue's nastiness about adopted children, noted some encouraging statistics about Newsweek, and went after the NYT review of The Crisis of Zionism. We also teased out the implications of the weekend attacks in Afghanistan, worried about Central America's reaction to the war on drugs, and assesed the UN's success (or failure). GDP didn't measure everything important, Italy had crazy gangs and a crazier ex-Prime Minister, Google Earth saved a life in India, and medical tourism might help save US health care. Ackerman's Ask Anything questions stayed up, Wilkinson switched focus to fiction, and Hari chatted with Greenwald.

We also listened to readers on The Dish and religion, took in a poetry review from 1939, and pondered the character of consciousness. Writing changed when done by hand, speech impediments differed in different contexts, a disability scarred one reader's love life, hot real estate agents moved property, and kids languished in juvie. Readers debated filming books and Tupac lived. Smart phones spread, lie detectors failed, and aluminum used to be more valuable than gold. A cardboard arcade warmed our hearts and pot wine was a thing. Ask Jennifer Rubin Anything here, Quotes for the Day here, here, and here, Headline of the Day here, FOTD here, MHB here, and VFYW here.

– Z.B.