Would Romney Repeat Bush’s Mistakes?

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 18 2012 @ 1:15pm

Larison fears so:

[W]e don’t have to guess at what a Romney foreign policy would be, we know that the vast majority of his advisers worked in the Bush administration or strongly supported administration policies, and we know the kind and the quality of foreign policy decisions that they helped to produce. On the whole, the Bush foreign policy record was one of incompetence, disaster, and failure. There were some notable successes, which included strengthening ties with India, but they were most notable for being so rare.

We're on the same page. My main concern in this election is foreign policy – because it's where the deadlocked domestic legislative machinery doesn't apply as easily. And because Romney and his party simply seem to have learned no lessons from Afghanistan, Iraq, Gitmo or the stain of torture. They remain in total denial. Jennifer Rubin is our guest this week, and you can see that she sees no reason whatever to doubt the wisdom of interventionism, still thinks the Iraq war was a good idea, and wants the US to declare war on Iran to maintain superpower status.

And one reason, by the way, that we're happy to bring voices like Rubin's to the Dish is to guard against epistemic closure, as well as to avoid denial about sincere Republican belief in unreconstructed Cold War policies of US global hegemony and interventionism. They have learned nothing.

Remember that during the primary debates, George W. Bush was mentioned not at all. The administration did not exist. And all its catastrophic legacy is Obama's fault.