What’s Herman Cain Up To?

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 18 2012 @ 10:41am


He's creating insane ads and cashing in – even if he can't draw a crowd:

[Cain's life] compares awfully well to the no-end-in-sight tragedy that is Newt 2012. When he left Congress, Gingrich started founding think tanks and holding conferences that people actually showed up to—the strategy that Cain is Xeroxing. Those think tanks, now Newt-less, are shutting down. Running for president doesn’t give Gingrich space in the media to share his grand ideas. It gets him headlines about being bit by penguins. The life of the professional has-been is sweeter than the life of the has-been candidate.

(Photo of the dismal showing for Cain's "Revolution on the Hill," a 9-9-9 rally held on Monday, by Dave Weigel)