The Most Strapped Citizenry

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 19 2012 @ 5:08pm


The award belongs, of course, to the US. But, as the Dish has noted, gun ownership among Americans is declining. Jill Lepore has a lenghty examination of the trend:

Men are far more likely to own guns than women are, but the rate of gun ownership among men fell from one in two in 1980 to one in three in 2010, while, in that same stretch of time, the rate among women remained one in ten. What may have held that rate steady in an age of decline was the aggressive marketing of handguns to women for self-defense, which is how a great many guns are marketed. Gun ownership is higher among whites than among blacks, higher in the country than in the city, and higher among older people than among younger people. One reason that gun ownership is declining, nationwide, might be that high-school shooting clubs and rifle ranges at summer camps are no longer common.