The Gary Johnson Factor


Allahpundit is somewhat worried about the prospect of a libertarian spoiler but concludes:

[I]t’s not Gary Johnson and the libertarians who are killing Romney here (especially since there are “very liberal” voters in Johnson’s base), it’s centrist Republicans and moderate Democrats, a pattern we also saw in that Pew poll on Tuesday about strong support for Romney among tea partiers and weaker support among neutrals. He needs to close the gap with the middle, badly. But then, that’s what the general election “Etch-a-Sketch” strategy is all about. 

Caldwell isn't fazed by the polling: 

Has Ron Paul been right all along in predicting a rising tide of libertarian voters? Mark me down as a skeptic. In general, polls this far out from the election should be taken with a grain of salt. Most voters haven’t really tuned in and won’t for months to come. Beyond a handful of legitimate Johnson fans, I imagine the bulk of that 6 percent consists of voters who have paid scant attention to date, but have uneasy feelings about both Obama and Romney.