What Does The Resurrection Mean? Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Apr 23 2012 @ 10:17am

A reader writes:

That for me was the most spot on relevant discussion of my experience with religion that I have ever watched or read.

As a raised Lutheran, now 36-year-old agnostic, it tackled the fundamental problem I have with religion in a way I have never seen before. If I embrace the construct of God, of Heaven, and most importantly the suffering of this Earth – I find it very hard to think of some place where the person I am today is transferred in whole to some other place for obeying a set of rules (or being very sorry right before I died).

How criminal is it that I attended Church for 20 years of my life, attended Bible school, Confirmation class, countless Sermons, and never seen a honest discussion about the Resurrection. I wish our churches embraced doubt (and smart debate). Instead, if you have doubt then the problem is with you. It's not seen as a part of faith and every day I become more convinced it is a conduit to a greater understanding of God (which is the route I'm working on – wish me luck). At any rate, thanks for showing me a church I would love to go to, except it does not exist.

And thank you so much for having this conversation. Maybe there are places having such a talk like you just had with Ross, but hell if I've found them before today.