Ad War Update

The RNC embroils Obama in the North Carolina Democrats' sexual harassment scandal: 

Meanwhile, the Republican group American Future Fund ties the GSA scandal to the president: 

Alex Burns has more

AFF will go on the air starting Wednesday in eight states at a cost of approximately $2 million. The most heavily targeted states appear to be Florida, where AFF is spending over $600,000; Ohio, drawing at least $200,000 in ads; and Michigan, where the ads cost at least $157,000, according to a GOP media-tracking source. Other states where ads will air include Michigan, Nevada, Virginia and Colorado. … The TV ads follow an earlier AFF campaign against Obama, in February, charging that the president stocked his administration with "Wall Street executives." Between the two anti-Obama media pushes, AFF will have spent about $7.5 million against the president this year, an AFF strategist said.

Obama's Super PAC and the Dem group American Bridge partner on this hit on Romney's aversion to subsidizing student loans: 

Romney is now recalibrating

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