As Europe Turns, Ctd

Millman rebuts me:

President Obama can’t use Europe as a “warning sign for what Romney would bring to America” because: (a) Romney’s a Republican, and Republicans hate Europe and believe in American exceptionalism, just like they are against deficits and for smaller government, and no matter how many times you argue that these perceptions are untethered to reality it doesn’t matter: the brand is the brand; (b) nobody in America knows anything about what is going on in Europe, and it is inconceivable that anybody is going to successfully explain the situation to people in order to score an obscure political point.

Good points. But there may come a time when Romney's bullshit about his exclusive claim on pursuing "American" policies should be called out. He would, so far as one can tell anything concrete yet about his proposals, make America's fiscal policies more like Europe's – and Obama can and should remind people that this has led to over 10 percent EU zone unemployment and no real progress on the debt.

Sometimes the brand is a lie. Like the GOP and fiscal responsibility.